Pferd - VSM - Standard AbrasivesHand Pads 6" x 9"



An excellent alternative to the conventional products such as steel wool, sandpaper, and emery cloth. These versatile, non-woven pads can be used dry or with non-chlorinated solvents on most any surface. They are flexible and will conform to the workpiece, yet are strong to resist tearing. They provide a smooth and consistent finish. Pads can be folded and used by hand.



  • Consists of a dense aluminum oxide grain concentration on heavy backing material
  • Designed for the most severe applications
  • Extremely durable and resists tearing and fraying
  • Excellent for removal of oxidation, weld cleaning, deburring, and finishing stainless and aluminum

  • Most widely used of all hand pads
  • Aluminum oxide grain, noted for its toughness and durability on tasks such as cleaning, deburring, rust removal, blending and finishing
  • May be used dry or with solvents

  • Ultra fine silicon carbide pad provides a precise, fine cutting action
  • Well suited for light cleaning and fine finishing on a variety of materials including metal, plastic, glass and wood



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Size Grit Part # Each Box Buy
6" x 9" heavy duty (brown) 7440-040 1.04 20.79 Buy Now!
6" x 9" medium (maroon) 7447-047 .60 11.97 Buy Now!
6" x 9" fine (grey) 7448-048 .60 11.97 Buy Now!